Numbers, musically.

I know about 70% of what I’m talking about unless we are talking about musicals in which I can tell you that I 100% love musicals and 100% hate Rent. “I’m an artist, I just want to dance and sing. Having to pay rent is so awful! Boo, rent! Let’s live in a squalid tenement instead and talk about how free we are! ” Annie knew she had to earn her keep and she was an orphan during the Great Depression. Nathan Detroit sang with Marlon Brando just to make a little dough. Jesus Christ you wannabe superstar, even He knew there was money to be had in an around the town but if you are thinking about that, be careful because you will be told severely in no uncertain terms and almost in a high C that the temple is a house of prayer and you are dangerously close to making it a den of thieves. How about you get a job? If it’s good enough for my dog, it’s good enough for you.

I have a Top Ten list of musicals and while 6-10 changes according to whims of ABBA, my top five generally only change depending on if I feel rain is more important than Christmas or orphans are more interesting than the south pacific at any given moment.

1. Jesus Christ Superstar
2. Singing in the Rain

3. White Christmas
4. South Pacific
5. Annie

Right now, as there are zero degrees to be had outside, the south pacific is most definitely winning.