June 10, 2013. Dear.....


People don’t really “stop by” anymore, do they? Like, “I was in the neighborhood, thought I’d say hello....” ...we just don’t, do we? Here is the best thing: when friends stop by on a Sunday afternoon and really do intend to just say hello and then a bottle of Veuve, 2 bottles of Sauvignon, a bourbon for those who don’t do bubbles (don’t ask), and one firepit later, it’s suddenly 10:30 on a school night and you are accidentally tipsy.  


There is not one thing not to like about this scenario. If this scenario were grammar, it would be the past perfect. And when you are in the middle of said scenario, it’s the present perfect. And since you’re always open to droppers-in and stoppers-by-to-say-hello, it’s the future perfect. I should have been an English teacher. My students would have been the best grammarians.


I have a recipe idea for you: amazeballs. I don’t know what’s in them, but I think they’d pair nicely with wittycakes. I’ll even help you make them. That’s an empty offer, but I mean it. Anyway, like you say “Empty, heartfelt boozy offers are the best.” It’s the thought that counts. Unfortunately, when the thoughts are boozy, the counting often goes like this: “one, two, three, sip, sip, seven, four, this cheese is amazing, look at my new shoes!” You really shouldn’t put my thoughts in charge of the drinks. As a detailed foodie nerd you should know this.

I have more examples of “adult fun” to add to the list from before:

Catching up on NPR
Revising Monopoly rules to include bridge loans, liens and for-sale-by-owners

Subscribing to word-of-the-day emails

Discussing capital gains

Arguing over which bourbon/scotch/whiskey is best

Arguing over bourbon/scotch/whiskey 

That last one actually is fun. I’m sure there are more. I’m sure I should write a book about these. I’ll put my thoughts in charge of this project....they’ll like the last two and probably take them out for an all-night brainstorm. My poor brain. Stormed, by brown liquors. Some things have all the fun.