I have a sorry.

I love love love voicemail transcription. I have no idea what kind of message I left for my co-worker but I guess I thought I was pretty.

Hi it's me just give me a call back sorry I was in meetings holy like right after trying to email us in a meeting since like so I am pretty very least yeah mystery now it's 12:35.

I have a sorry let me check my schedule dude.

I have something at 3:30 same Brit basically free at sorry online I'm free until three so let me know just give me a call bye.

Some truths to this voicemail:

1. I do have meetings holy. I suspect this is due to my belief that Jesus Chris was in fact, a SuperStar.

2. I've always found it a mystery as to how 12:35 happens. And why does it happen so fast? It's a mystery now, but really. 

3. I do have meetings with Brits. Or actually, it seems like one Brit, all the time. This is as much of a mystery as 12:35 being 12:35 and not 11:17.

I have a sorry but I have never ended a voicemail with "dude." You are wrong, transcription. And I am like, pretty.