Stay on target.

Doesn’t “irrespective” sounds like a word that that shouldn't be a word, like “irregardless”? I know it’s a proper word, but it feels wrong and uncomfortable to say, like “moist.” So I’m going to avoid it.

The day I moved from Chicago to San Francisco, it was rainy. Really rainy. But not like "this flight will be delayed one hour or maybe even indefinitley because this is O'Hare, after all" rainy. More like "my shoes are inconveniently damp and possibly the heel of my sock, too" rainy. And it was 45 degrees. 45 degrees and rainy. So really, it was more like "this might turn to sleet" rainy and oh God, THEN we might be delayed. Why didn’t I fly out of Midway? Midway never cancels flights. Midway is the honey badger of airports. Plane almost landed on Cicero? Nothing to see here. 6 inches of snow on the ground? Keep moving. How come O’Hare?!

Then I remembered that I’m not allowed to fly out of bus stations. So, that’s why O’Hare. Anyway, 4 hours later I walk into 80 degree sunshine. That’s unusual, even for San Francisco.

Here’s what I had to do: find stuff. Did you know that you can get all sorts of discounts for things you probably don’t really need just for being new to the neighborhood? 20% off at The Container Store (this would have been helpful while PACKING), 10% off at Pier 1 Imports (is that place still around?), 10% off at Target (you need everything at Target).  Target was the first place I drove to without GPS. I’m so adventurous, I drive around without navigation!

Ok like, twice I’ve done that. And one time I got only slightly lost and found a library. So really…not lost at all.

Do you remember the last time you went someplace new or unfamiliar and didn’t use GPS? I have been to several countries where I couldn’t read, speak or in any way understand the language of that very country...what did I do? Just walked around and asked people, I guess. GPS then was me asking someone for directions and then just going in the general direction of where they were pointing and then asking someone else. You get a little bit closer to your target each time. But you don't get 10% off.