"Texticon" is a word because I said it is.

Droids are very conducive to creating new words. Not R2D2- that guy was all clicks and whistles. Most of the time he was the electronic equivalent of “Mew Mew Mew, why the f*&k do I have to go into the dark swamp with the whiniest Jedi in the galaxy? All he talks about is power converters. Shaggy can’t even land his plane correctly.”  And 3PO spoke 3,000 languages in a British accent and was never respected because he was always narrative exposition. So he wasn’t making up words because he knew them all.

I mean the phones. Almost every day I am inadvertently creating new words when I am simply trying to say “How are you?” For example, the other day I created this: y5oy.

Was my phone trying to say “Hawaii 5-0” but went “y5oy” instead? Incidentally, “y5oy” is, as everyone knows, the Jewish version of that show. It takes place in Boca instead of Honolulu.

“Why 5 oy?” It’s the hottest new catchphrase. “Y5oy” is going to take its place next to LOL and OMG in the texticon to mean “Why even get bothered by this, it’s not even a 5 on the scale of oy. Let it go.”

Did you see how I just made up another new word?!? Because I totally did. That’s so bizzarilarious.