June 25, 2013. Dear.....


I really cannot stop thinking about adult fun and the things that should be added to that list. Like, what about timeshares? No, really. As an investment, not a way to get a free brunch or a trip on the roller coaster at New York, New York.

Or how about buying linens. Coupled with the added satisfaction of washing said linens and then going to bed in warm clean linens? I mean...talk about content.

How do you get through the day without these thoughts constantly popping into your head? The other day I was out in my yard (endless possibilities for adult fun) and suddenly, the following popped into my head in rapid succession:  

Lawn care
Drinking a beer after a day of lawn care
Paying someone (like teenagers) to do your lawn care
Patio schematics
Hiring a contractor
That moment you realize that you can pay someone else to do it….and you already have

See how fun that is? Especially that last one. Anyway, speaking of food, if I had a dinner party, you'd cater it, right? Don't worry, Jesus is still on the B-list because like I said, I don't want this to turn into a whole "My birthday's on Christmas and I always lose out on the presents" thing. He's done that before and the other guests feel obligated to comfort Him because even though gold and frankincense and myrrh are pretty nice gifts and last a long time, He you know, died for everyone. Anyway, It's just awkward. Like, GOD what a martyr.

But I'd totally let you plan the whole menu (that's VERY fun) and I'd go to store with you (because financial nonchalance while grocery shopping is also very much adult fun) AND maybe we'd even take a cab home, just because it's raining (do I have to say how fun that is? It is. Cabs just because are always fun).

Anyway, you let me know. I'm going to sit down, weigh the pros and cons of mobile service providers and watch my credit score go up.