I forgot to remember.

I have this pair of red clogs that I have had since college. I wore them everywhere. Yes, everywhere. I could not bear to give them up because I bought them in London and anything you buy in London, especially shoes (blue suede Doc Martens), especially in college, you cannot throw away. I had them re-soled. Yes, I had wooden clogs re-clogged.

I had them so long that I still have them. A college friend swung through Chicago recently and when I went out to meet her on the street (where all ladies of good breeding meet), the first thing she said was "Oh my god are those The Shoes?" Which is not a strange greeting per se, but I thought was a strange question because I have many The Shoes. I mean, I’m not opposed to wearing other people’s shoes...in fact I’ll ask if I can try on your shoes if I like them. In fact, the other day, a shoe-trying-on session happened at work and that is The Truth.  I said "yes, these are my shoes....wha...?" and she said, "No, NO....are those really THE SHOES? I can't believe you are wearing those shoes. I can't believe you still have them!" and I stopped and started to say, "Yes, I bought these in London and I can't give them up...oh my god, yes these are THE SHOES." I forgot to remember that I wore them everywhere and now I wear them out in the garden.

Anyway, I just remembered.

I can't believe I still have those shoes.