One China, one chicken.

Who doesn’t like a good orange cheeyaken? Commies, probably. Which is funny because it’s a Chinese dish so you know…but I don’t know, maybe General Tao was all “One China, One Chicken!” and that’s that.

Then again, orange chicken is pretty Americanized. By which I mean it’s breaded and covered in a thick, sweet sauce and tastes delicious at 1 o’clock in the morning when you are standing in the middle of your kitchen decidedly unsober and eating with your fingers.

Since I can rarely be bothered to bread and fry things, I found an easy recipe. It was actually adapted from Bon Appetit and then adapted by me because, ginger. And garlic. Also shallots.

Every time I cook I almost always end up making more than the recipe states because I almost always have more of the main ingredient because I have neither the time nor the inclination to look through all of the poultry or meat or broccoli to find exact measurements when people are talking to me and I still need to visit my friends in the wine section. Anyway recipes are just guidelines. A little of this, a little of that, whatever it’s CHICKEN. Just eat it.

It calls for jasmine rice but I say put it on whatever you like.  Or put it on nothing. Or put it on a plate and eat it with your fingers. It’s especially delicious cold. You know I know. Anyway, it's what's for dinner.