Say Goodnight, the Party's Over.

My New Year’s Resolution is always the same: Drink More Champagne. That’s just common sense.

Sometimes with food.

Sometimes with food.

Sometimes with pretend food.

Sometimes with pretend food.

Anyway, it's April and it's just about three weeks past the time that everyone gives up their resolutions because they were really good about it for at least 17 hours and then something happened, like a West Wing marathon, and they lost themselves to snappy dialogue and conversations about House resolutions and forgot to remember that they made their own resolution and now it just feels too late to re-resolution the resolution they never really wanted to make in the first place which, looking back on it might have had a better chance if they had gotten Aaron Sorkin to write it in the first place. 

But let’s not get into a tired conversation about “resolutions” and things you want to “stop” or “start” doing. You can actually stop or start or continue at any point during the year. It’s not just one day of the year. It’s not actually written anywhere that you can’t.

What is more important is that it's 2013 and I have no idea what time it is. I don’t know anything anymore. 2012 ended and I thought we were supposed to end with it so I threw out all my clocks. Thanks, Mayans for the MISINFORMATION. But still, it's 2013!

You know who won’t have a 2013? The Mayans. Poor lil’ fellas. No literally, they were very, very small. Very. Small.

Ok let’s be honest. The only reflection I like is the one in the mirror. However. There are a few things to consider:

1.     We survived the end of 2012 even though the Mayans thought we wouldn’t and Hollywood tried to convince us of the same.

2.     There haven’t yet been any conspiracy theories about Hollywood Mayans or Mayan Hollywoods but Mexican soap operas are very popular. 

3.     Whatever you thought was going to happen did or didn’t.

It’s terrifying to think about getting thrown (or throwing yourself) into the deep end. You know what, though? Most of the time, you don’t drown. You only swallow a bit of water. You cough. You breathe. You shake off the water. 

So. Check out the pool. Groove out. Sparkle on.