How. About. A. Nice. Game. Of. Chess?

I think I may have discovered a potention. For those of you who don’t regularly make up words because you left your imagination under your pillow with your first tooth, a potention is a “potential invention.”  Also, you should know better. Imagination never goes under the pillow. It doesn’t care to be smushed.

Here is what happened: I got my rental car at the airport, had trouble trying to unlock the steering column, considered asking the guys in vests congregating 200 feet away, decided against it because I'm not sure how I feel about vests, glared at the steering wheel, wondered if I was stupid, swore quietly at the steering wheel for making me think that, glared at the steering wheel again and swore more loudly and got the car started. Sometimes you need to have strong words in your back pocket. You don’t always need to take them out, but it’s nice to know they are there, warming your back pocket.

My potention is not about vests nor is it about pocket-warming words. Is it still only powerful computers like the WOPR that work underground? What kind of help, may I ask, is a GPS system that starts only AFTER you've emerged from an underground parking like Batman? I'm confident I am not the only one who does that. If you are not humming a theme song or monologuing on who you are and what you are about to do as you emerge from the darkness of a parking garage and into the light then what is the point of driving?

So your phone is not a WOPR, nor do you call it Joshua (I’m still not sure why) and so now you don't have GPS until you pull on to the road directly into traffic. Which is a little late for GPS isn't it? My potention is a little area just outside the garage that is NOT the merge lane where you can pull over and start your stupid GPS so that you can quickly find the souless corporate park where you are supposed to spend your next 2 days and just as rapidly triangulate the location of the closest glass of wine.

Luckily in Orange County, as in Tokyo, people drift all the time, so shooting across 5 lanes of traffic in order to turn is no bigs. Still….potention, people. POtention.